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Account questions

How to contact JengaCash Support team?

There are three ways you can use to contact our support team:

  • Call us on +254 782 145 121
  • Write us an email addressed to [email protected] or fill out this contact form
  • Use our live chat that can be accessed on our contact us page.

How does JengaCash Spin game work?

This is a spin and win game where a player buys credits which he/she uses to place stakes. On spinning the wheel the stakes are affected by the multipliers. Credits are then converted to cash for withdrawal in real time.

Who is eligible to create an account?

Any person who is 18 years old.

How do I register?

Registration is done using a valid safaicom phone number. Fill in the phone number, and the password of your choice. An activation code is sent to the registered phone immediately.

I have not received a registration code

Kindly give it up to 30 mins for the code to arrive. Sometimes due to network issues, the message can take longer than usual to arrive. Alternatively, contact our support team to get your account activated or wait for 3 hrs for your account to be automatically activated. You will receive a message once this is done.

How do I terminate my account?

Kindly write an email to [email protected] or call our support team to get your account terminated.


Who facilitates JengaCash user deposits?

We have a type of partnership where the partner (Zeiya Web Services) provides services of depositing to and withdrawing funds from accounts of JengaCash players via the Local Channels such as M-pesa and local bank transfers in our case.

How do I deposit?

There are two ways to top up your account balance.

  • Using the STK Push (click on the deposit button fill in the amount, you will get a prompt on your phone to input the MPesa PIN)
  • Using PayBill number 329534 account number should be the registered phone number.
Ideally account balance should reflect immediately after receiving a confirmation message from JengaCash.

Why is the deposit not reflecting?

Ensure you have received a confirmation message from mpesa indicating money has been deducted by Zeiya Web Services. Kindly refresh the page again. If the problem is still persisting, kindly allow 5 – 10 minutes. Kindly contact our support team by either calling or writing an email addressed to [email protected] if the issue persists. Alternatively, whatsapp the MPesa code to 0782145121.

Can I deposit using another number?

You can only deposit using the registered number. Using an alternative number will not update your account balance.


Who facilitates JengaCash user withdrawals?

We have a type of partnership where the partner (Zeiya Web Services) provides services of depositing to and withdrawing funds from accounts of JengaCash players via the Local Channels such as M-pesa and local bank transfers in our case.

What is the minimum/maximum amount that I can withdraw?

The lowest amount withdrawable is ksh.10 ( consider ksh 15 withdrawal charge) The highest amount is ksh 70,000 depending on your level.

How many times can I withdraw in a day?

The system permits 3 withdrawals in a day with an interval of 7 hours.

How long does it take for the balance to reflect on my Mpesa?

Withdrawn amount should reflect on MPesa account balance immediately.

I am unable to withdraw, what do I do?

Kindly try again after a few minutes.


How do I receive a bonus?

There are three ways to get bonus:

  • Welcome bonus, this one is awarded to new users
  • Referral Bonus, attained when a new user registers using an existing user referral link. Usually a percentage of the first deposit of the new user. Point to note this is only awarded on the first deposit of the new user, other subsequent deposits do not accrue any rewards.
  • Promotional bonus, there is no set amount to this bonus but it varies based on the company marketing campaigns. This should always be something to look forward to, the company has a reputation of being very generous to existing users.

Can I withdraw my bonus?

No, the bonus is used to place stakes on the game. Any winnings from bonus stakes are available for withdrawal. Terms of use apply.

Can I choose to stake with my bonus or cash?

No, automatically stakes are placed with the available bonus, after depleting the bonus, cash is used to place stakes.

Stakes and Levels

How much am I allowed to stake with?

A user can only stake with the set amounts: 20, 50, 100, 150, 200 or 250.

How are stakes calculated?

Anytime you choose an amount to spin, that amount is calculated as a stake regardless of the spin result.

How does levels work?

Each level has a set number of stakes required to qualify. When you qualify to the next level, you get a bonus or a cash reward. Levels ensure that you keep winning with JengaCash regardless of the spin result.

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