Best Paying Companies in Kenya.

Looking for employment is one of the things you will find yourself doing at some point in your stay in Kenya. There are over 1 million registered businesses in Kenya, which some are small and medium enterprises; others are big local corporations, while others are global. These are the businesses that Kenyans send their resumes to, looking to secure a job.

While there are so many things that you should consider when choosing a company to look for a job, salary is the main thing that people consider. This brings us to the question, where do you find well-paying companies in Kenya?

If you are looking for a company that will give you a good paycheck regardless of your experience, the following list will come in handy.

1. United Nations

Kenya United Nations offices house several UN agencies, which include UNEP, WFP, un-Habitat, UNDP, and WHO, to mention a few. The objective of the organization is to promote sustainable and sound urban development programs.

Compared to their counterparts in the public and private sector, the UN’s remuneration for their staff is outstanding. A qualified professional in the UN gets an average of Ksh.100,000 more than a professional with similar qualifications in the public sector. On top of the standard remuneration, if you are working for the UN, you are going to receive a myriad of other benefits, including but not limited to housing allowance, medical cover, and much more.

More so, if some of the benefits in their packages are not available in the country, they are given compensation for the same. The annual salary of an entry-level professional in the UN can be up to Ksh. 5,000,000 while that of a senior professional is about Ksh. 10,000,000.

2. Centum Investment Company Limited

Centum Investment is a leading investment company listed in the NSE. Centum is a government-owned Industrial and Commercial development company. The company was started in 1967, and has since grown to become the success it is today.

Centum is one of the best-paying companies in Kenya today, boasting the most motivated and satisfied employees across the country. If you look at the salary scale of Centum limited, you will be impressed. Starting from the least earning employees in this company are the interns who take home a monthly salary of up to Ksh.27,000. You are not likely to get this amount as an intern working for most of the companies in Kenya.

An operations analyst at Centum Investment company bags about Ksh.146,000 every month. A personal assistant gets about Ksh.155,000 every month while an employee in operations earns Ksh.261,000. If you are looking for an employment opportunity with good compensation, you should always consider being on the lookout for Centum Investment Company career opportunities.

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3. British American Tobacco (BAT)

British American Tobacco is part of the global British American Tobacco Group and a leading tobacco company in the world. BAT to Kenya is much more than the leading tobacco manufacturer. The company gives the locals the most competitive remunerations in the country.

The average salary at British American Tobacco is Ksh.70,000. To break it down further for you to understand the packages the company gives its employees, a management trainee at BAT gets not less than Kah.84,000 per month. A procurement manager, on the other hand, receives a salary of $140,000. The company offers tons of rewarding career opportunities, and nothing should stop you from trying your luck.

4. Central Bank of Kenya

In 1966, the Central Bank of Kenya was established by an Act of Parliament. The bank is anchored in the Constitution and is mandated to formulate and implement the monetary policy geared at promoting liquidity, solvency, and stability. Having been in operation for about 54 years, the bank has played a significant role in fulfilling its mandate of ensuring economic stability in the country.

The Central Bank of Kenya is among the best-paying companies in the country. Looking at the salary scales of the company, you will realize that the paychecks are motivating compared to most from other public and private sectors.

Fresh graduates employees get a paycheck of Ksh.120,000 to Ksh.180,000. This salary in some companies can only be given to managers. For entry-level employees, this is an impressive remuneration. Junior staff, security, clerks, and receptionists earn between Ksh.40,000 and Ksh.150,000.

If you are a supervisor at the Central Bank of Kenya, you should not expect to take home anything less than Ksh.200,000 every month. Managers earn between Ksh.400,000 and Ksh.800,000, while senior managers can take up to Ksh.1 million.

While the salaries are so rewarding, it is worth noting that you have to prove yourself to get recruited at the Central Bank of Kenya. Most employees start as interns. If you manage to impress the management at the internship level, you can get hired at the company. The Central Bank of Kenya advertises internship opportunities from time to time. If you are looking to have a future at the company, watch out for the opportunities: this is where your career journey at CBK starts.

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5. East African Breweries Limited (EABL)

EABL is a holding company that manufactures beer, spirits, and other non-alcoholic beverages, and it is based in Kenya. The company was listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange in 1954 and has continued to prove itself a successful brand in East Africa. EABL is also famous for its competitive remuneration.

To get a glimpse of how much you could be earning if you were working at EABL, note that assistant managers make between Ksh.150,000 and Ksh.250,000. HR officers, accountants, and other officers with a degree course and about three years’ experience take home Ksh.180,000 to Ksh.250,000. If you are a manager at EABL, you can take up to Ksh.400,000 home every month.

The above insights on remuneration packages for the best-paying companies in Kenya will go a long way in making your career prospects. Always aim for the best and seize career opportunities in the listed companies.

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