Betting Responsibly on JengaCash

Jengacash is dedicated to enabling a responsible gambling lifestyle among its customers. We reaffirm our commitment to give you a great experience in all our services. For that reason, we would like to inculcate a culture of responsible betting. This call doesn’t deprive any of our players the fun of making enjoying their casino games, but; it is a way to make them responsible gamblers.


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This gambling platform is only permissible to persons of major age (18 years and over).

JengaCash shall not be liable to any losses or injuries caused by gambling on the site.

Any children found betting with us will be banned and their accounts terminated.

Keep your password and login details safe. Jengacash shall be keen to protect your personal information provided to the website or application, but; we shall not be liable for any information lost from your device.

Responsible Betting

Gambling has been known to have a negative impact when it’s not done in moderation.

Gambling is a leisure activity and should not be your primary source of income. Bet responsibly with surplus money only.

Plan your money and only gamble what you can afford to lose. If need be, get the assistance of a financial expert.

Set aside money for paying bills, school fees, food, rent etc., before you wager in the casino.

Keep your children away from your computer. Or, keep your betting account logged out so your kids don’t accidentally enter the website.

Protect your kids using anti-gambling programs and make them aware of the dangers of prognosis for children.

Addiction to gambling

Gambling and virtual gaming can be addictive. Bet during your leisure time, but; have enough time for other important activities as well.

In case you realize you are addicted, make sure to contact a professional counsellor.

Limit the deposits, expenditure and time you take in the casino.

You may ask Jengacash to temporarily lock your account. During this period, you will not have access to the games and your permission will only be restored after a specified period.