Best Business Ideas In Kenya

The current economic recession has worsened the situation, leaving many Kenyans jobless. Starting a business is a great idea and can be your side hustle or full-time job.  Depending on your budget and location, you can start a large scale or small scale business as soon as tomorrow.  If time is an issue, you can employ someone to help you. Listed below are some great business ideas that can help you sustain yourself and increase your earnings.

Soap Making

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has led to advocacy about maintaining cleanliness has led to high demand for soaps, detergents, and sanitizers. This is a great small scale business that anyone can do. All you need are the ingredients, and if you don’t know how to make soap, watch tutorials on YouTube or inquire from other businesses, especially those that sell these ingredients.

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Poultry farming

You don’t have to be an Agriculture student to know the ins and outs of poultry rearing. Plus, you can start small. This business’s success depends on maintenance, knowing when to vaccinate, proper feeding, proper housing, and so on. If you get it right, you’ll be making profits from the sale of eggs, chicks.


If you have enough capital to sustain an MPESA business, it worth considering. Millions of Kenyans use this service to make financial transactions. As much as there are numerous MPESA shops all over, starting one doesn’t mean that you’ll fail. Identify a strategic location

And adhere to all the protocols to prevent any instances of fraudulent. If you don’t have the time to manage it yourself, hire someone close, trustworthy, and reliable.

Selling second-hand clothes

Consider selling Mitumbaas your next business venture. A majority of Kenyans prefer buying second-hand clothes because they are cheaper. It is a profitable business from which you can make huge profits. Choose your most preferred type of clothes;  T-shirts, dresses, children’s outfits, trousers, bed sheets and bedcovers, jumpers, shoes, bags, you name it—research how you can access them identify a suitable location. Market your business well by getting manikins or hiring a few casuals to help you out. Your other option is to be mobile and sell in different places during market days. Establishing an online store can also be brilliant.


Providing internet services is a good business idea, especially if you incorporate it with printing, photocopying, scanning, and other paperwork. All you need is a shop, a few computers, a scanning machine, a photocopying machine, and the internet. If possible, buy a camera too and offer photography services. After all, you already have your printing machine.

Movie Shop

Believe it or not, many Kenyans prefer buying their favorite movies as opposed to streaming online. Once you get your license and advertise your movie shop well, it won’t be long before you start reaping huge profits.

Selling Cereals

Getting cereals directly from farmers or buying from wholesalers and then selling it to retails is a brilliant business idea that won’t disappoint you.

Car washing

Invest in a good car washing machine and offer your services to motorists. Set it up in an active place, and you are guaranteed some income daily.

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Bodaboda services

Bodaboda is a Swahili term referring to means of transport by a bicycle or motorcycle. For many years, it is the most common of transport by commuters who aren’t traveling long distances. You can get a motorbike from as low as Kshs.65, 000. If your budget restricts you, consider applying for a loan. You can provide bodaboda services by yourself, or hire someone else who’ll pay you a commission.

Selling Ice cream

Get yourself a nice ice cream selling cart. They aren’t very expensive; some cost Kshs.6000. Other than hawking it around, target places with crowds, or wherever there’s a public function.

Online freelancing

With the high cases of unemployment, many Kenyans are turning to freelance to offer transcription services, writing services, social media management, drop-shipping, flipping websites, virtual assistance, and so much more. Acquire a computer and get reliable internet, research, and settle on one to do well.

Cleaning services

Opt to offer home cleaning services by being a manager that oversees cleaning by those you’ve hired. You can start small, then slowly expand your business once you’ve gained ground.

Salon or/and barbershop

Anyone can start this business regardless of whether you have the skills for hair care and maintenance. Some may despise it, but you may make good money out of it if you invest in a salon or barbershop. Everyone has hair, and they are always in the salon to have it styled. Integrate it with manicure and pedicure services. For easy success, hire professional stylists and offer exemplary customer services. If your clients love your services, they’ll always be back.

Fruit business/juice blending

To start selling fresh juices, you’ll need a high-quality blender—research on how to blend different fruits or smoothies. You may sell the fresh fruits as well. Once your business is up and running, expect good returns.

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Chips parlour

Who doesn’t love chips or bajias? If you get the appropriate kitchen appliances to help you kickstart this business, there is no way you’ll go without customers. Other foodstuffs you can provide are boiled eggs with kachumbari, smokies, samosas, and soft drinks.

Business can help you survive in these hard economic times. Of course, the success of any business depends on proper planning, execution, and management. Take it seriously and keep records to ascertain if you are making a profit or loss. Always follow market trends to know how best to improve your business.

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