Digital Marketing Agencies in Kenya

Over 4.5 billion people across the globe use the internet. This accounts for 59% of the global population. Technology is advancing, and not even about to stop. Humans have incorporated technology in all aspects of their lives to make it better. In particular, businesses have leveraged different types of technology to increase their competitive edge, increase productivity, and enhance the quality of their products and services.

One of the areas of businesses that have been seen to go the digital way is marketing. Most companies have dropped traditional marketing tools and embraced digital technology. The feedback has been great as digital marketing has significantly lowered the cost of marketing for businesses, but it has also proven effective.

As the demand for digital services in Kenya is growing, there has been a need for advertising agencies to position themselves to benefit from the opportunity and help businesses connect with their customers.

Here is a list of the top digital marketing agencies in Kenya.

1. Hakika Marketing

Hakika is a leader in the digital marketing industry in Kenya. The country has been in the scene for over seven years and promises excellent digital marketing services. At Hakika marketing, you can get all the digital marketing services you need for your brand. The services in the offering include SEO optimization, which helps your website rank top and increase your brand visibility in search engines. Online advertising through creative web advertisements, graphic design to showcase your brand, and email marketing to mention a few are the services that Hakika Marketing provides.

2. Jabari Creative Studios

Jabari Creative Studios is one of the reliable digital marketing agencies you will find in Kenya. The company’s approach to digital marketing has helped many companies and individuals reach their full potential.

The company is located in Nairobi and offers a full range of digital marketing services. Jabari Creative Studio services include advertising and communication, packaging, web development, and so on. Some of the clients Jabari has worked for include AIG, FIESTA, MUA, and OBG.

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3. Creative Age

Creative Age is a digital marketing agency comprising of energetic and visionary individuals looking to take marketing to the next level. The company is driven by the goal of helping their clients create outstanding marketing campaigns that will make their brands recognized and take their businesses to the next level. The company can improve your digital marketing strategy through creative branding and digital marketing strategies.

4. Zuruweb Digital Agency

This digital marketing agency unites creative and digital marketing talent across the globe and businesses, and individuals who would be interested in their services. Renowned companies like G4S have trusted Zuruweb Digital Agency for their digital marketing campaigns.

The agency offers a full-range and tailormade digital marketing solutions for brands that are looking to stand out.

5. Intellspark Limited

The mission of Intellspark Limited is to provide businesses and individuals with digital marketing solutions using cutting-edge technologies. In a business environment that is very competitive, the company believes that it can help companies to stand out and take their operations to the next level.

Among the services that the company offers to help businesses achieve this include branding, digital marketing solutions such as SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, and so on. Intellspark limited understands that websites are the center of digital marketing, and therefore also offers web design and development solutions.

The company’s passion and dedication to digital marketing solutions that make a difference make it among the best in the country. The company has a portfolio of clients they have worked with who only have the nicest things to say about Intellspark’s digital marketing solutions.

6. Kevsam Solutions

Kevsam is a digital marketing agency located in Nairobi. The agency provides a wide range of digital marketing solutions that have been tried and proven effective in helping businesses connect with prospective clients.

Some of the services that the company provides include web design alongside helping companies go live. This is in a bid to enhance the credibility of businesses to anyone who is trying to find them. SEO is also among the services that the company banks on to improve the visibility of businesses on search engines and boost their traffic. Graphic design and branding are also among the digital marketing strategies that Kevsam solutions use to help enterprises to build brand awareness and connect with their audience.

Kevsam Solutions is a digital marketing agency you can trust as it is composed of qualified, experienced, and professional individuals whose focus is on making your brand go big.

7. Muse Digital

Muse Digital is among the digital marketing agencies that most businesses go for modern marketing solutions. Muse Digital is in touch with the increase of digital customers, and its goal is to walk with companies in designing marketing strategies that can engage today’s consumers.

The team is made of skilled professionals that understand the different business needs of their clients and are ready to design custom-made solutions. Muse digital works to provide all their customers regardless of the sizes of their businesses with winning digital marketing solutions.

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8. Maxhodges Marketing Limited

Max Hodges Marketing Limited is composed of a skilled and diverse team of professionals with all the information you need on how you can approach different sectors through digital marketing. Large corporations such as Meridian Hotel, MacCoffee, Cocacola, and Britannia have trusted the agency with their digital marketing functions, and Max Hodges solutions have proved to be effective. Max Hodges offers a wide range of digital marketing solutions, including online marketing solutions, to help your brand increase traffic, conversions, sales, and, most importantly, promote customer loyalty.

Businesses have identified digital marketing as a strategic way to remain competitive. Digital marketing is an umbrella for several strategies for advertising your brand through digital platforms. With the right partner holding your hand, you can use the digital platforms to take your brand to the next level. The list above provides you with digital marketing agencies in Kenya that you can trust.

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