Stunning Jackpots in Kenya.


Most jackpots in Kenya are quite hard to secure, but on the flip side, there are some few jackpots you can easily scoop. Of course, everyone wants an easy passage to make quick money, which is why many gamblers prefer looking for the easiest jackpots to bet their money on.

Jackpots such as the Betlion jackpot are not easy to bag; you have to spend a lot even to secure just a bonus. However, a jackpot like Shabiki Jackpot Mbao, you could become a millionaire from the Kshs 20/- if you are consistent. Below is a list of the jackpots in Kenya both easy and hard jackpots to bag:

  1. Shabiki Jackpot Mbao

Most gamblers will find this jackpot an easy go since you only have to predict the total goals that will be scored in a football match. Players will only spend Ksh 20, and they are allowed to bet as many times as they wish.

Bet at least ten times, and you could be sure one of the bets might get you a bonus. Many of the matches end with zero to three goals, so you could try your luck on the numbers in between.

  • Bet254 Jackpot

This bet may look intimidating to many gamblers, but it is not hard to win in the real sense. Bet254 is quite economical, and it gives the gamblers up to 300 chances to play. With a stake of only Ksh 10, you can select as many double chances as you wish and still find it economical.

  • Shabiki Daily Jackpot

Shabiki Daily Jackpot is easy to secure as the bonuses are given starting from half the games. That only means if you get half of the games correct, you will receive some bonus even though it may not be a big bonus. This jackpot only asks for Ksh 30 as the stake.

The Goliath Jackpot from Betlion.

  • Betika Midweek Jackpots

The Betika midweek jackpot encompasses 15 games. The total amount that can be won for this jackpot is 15 million shillings; however, bonuses are given to 12, 13, and 14 correct predictions. Betika midweek jackpots ask for Ksh 15 in your account, and you are allowed to make as many bets as you wish.

The midweek jackpot can be placed via the Betika website or the Betika App.

  • Mozart Bet Jackpot

This jackpot entails predictions for 13 matches selected by the company. The maximum and minimum number of pairs to bet here is simply 13. To qualify for this bet, you have to place your bet on the predictions before the start of the first match in the jackpot.

A stake of Ksh 50 is required for the jackpot, and the maximum winning stands at Ksh 10 million. However, with the Mozart Super Daily Jackpot, if there is more than one winner, they do not share the payout. Every winning ticket will receive the full amount Ksh 10 million.

There will be bonuses paid out for every eight to 12 correct predictions. If you miss all the matches, then you get a bonus for Ksh 1,000.

  • 1X Bet Jackpots

1X bet has several jackpots for punters. The 1X bet free jackpot has 12 matches that you are supposed to predict. The games will be posted just a day before the matches are played, so you have to analyze them in 24 hours. If you get from eight correct predictions, you will be awarded some bonus points.

1X bet Toto Football Jackpot comprises of 14 games. To win the jackpot, you have to predict all the matches correctly. The minimum stake for the jackpot is Ksh 75, but you could add several bets with each new game costing an additional Ksh 75. The bonus for this jackpot is usually more than 17 million.

1X bet Toto 15 is another fantastic jackpot by 1X bet. Here you bet on 15 jackpot matches and have to predict all of the games correctly to secure the jackpot. Everyday 1x bet will post the 15 games for the next day, and punters have up to midnight to pick their selections. Its bonus varies, and the minimum is around 3 million. The minimum stake for this jackpot is Ksh 75.

  • mCHEZA Jackpot

Punters have to predict U/O and 1 X 2 Combo. That means a mixture of the number of goals if they will be less or more than 2.5 and the final score of the match, whether it was a draw, home win, or away win. There are seven matches daily to predict and place your bet.

The jackpot prize for this jackpot stands at Ksh 1 million, and it has to be shared among the winning tickets if they are more than one. This 1 million grows daily if it is not won and will go back to the initial value every Monday. The minimum acceptable bet stake for this jackpot in Kenya is Ksh 50.  


These are the main jackpots in Kenya that punters can try their luck on. The daily bets prove to be much easier to bag especially the one with bonuses starting from correct predictions of half the matches. Most of the companies will offer players several times to place another bet again and again.

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