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Betlion joined the Kenyan online gambling market back in 2019, and since then, its jackpot, commonly referred to as the Goliath jackpot, has attracted many punters in the country. The bookie offers two types of jackpots, which are the midweek jackpot and the mega jackpot.

The midweek jackpot comprises of 15 games while the goliath jackpot is made of 20 games. Betlion hit the headlines when they first announced that their mega jackpot would be a whopping 350 million. The mouthwatering figure caught the attention of many punters, making them always dream of bagging even just the bonuses, which are Ksh 5 million and Ksh 500,000 for 19 and 17 games, respectively.

A correct 18-game prediction would also ensure the lucky gambler goes home with Ksh 1 million. The following are facts and insights into the Goliath jackpot:

No one has ever won it

Ever since the company was established in Kenya, no one has correctly predicted all the 20 games. The closest ever player got 18/20, indicating getting all the 20 matches correct is almost impossible.

However, gamblers have suggested to the company that they should reduce the games to 17 to make it more achievable. They also suggested that Betlion should check on the bonuses.

Betlion Goliath Jackpot Bonuses

Betlion has some appetizing jackpot bonuses for their players. Get as from 17 correct predictions, and you are sure to receive a good amount of cash as a bonus. In case you get only 16 games correct, you will be given a free bet by Betlion.

For 17 correct predictions, you will receive Ksh 500,000, 18 correct games you will get Ksh 1 million, 19 correct predictions you will receive Ksh 5 million, and for all the games, you will get a grand prize of Ksh 350 million. That is the ultimate token that makes every gambler in Kenya salivate and just think about what they would do with the money supposing they win it.

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How to play the jackpot via SMS

With Betlion, punters are given two platforms to place their bets on. You could either bet using the online platform, or you could bet via SMS. For anyone who has no access to the internet, you can bet for the goliath jackpot by:

  • Typing MJP#predictions and then send it to 40418

For example, (MJP#X112X212X111222XX12X). Send the text to 40418 to place the bet.

Depositing Money to Your Betlion MPESA Account

The registered Paybill number for Betlion is 212927. At any given time, you will be depositing funds to your MPESA use this pay bill number. Follow the following process to deposit money:

  • Navigate to your MPESA
  • Choose Lipa Na MPESA
  • Tap on Paybill
  • Key in 212927 as the Betlion Paybill number
  • Enter the account number as your Betlion number
  • Key in the amount of cash you want to deposit
  • Enter the Betlion Pin and press send
  • MPESA will send you a notification that your account has been credited.

How to Get predictions of the Goliath Jackpot

Punters are fully aware that they might be unable to determine the correct predictions on their own. This is why tips will be provided by platforms with a team of experts after an in depth analysis of the jackpot matches. Currently, the jackpot tips are provided by Jackpot Kenya, Fixusjobs, and Venas News.

To receive the jackpot tips, you have to pay a subscription of Ksh 2,000 every month or settle for the jackpot tips and daily predictions at Ksh 1,100. There is the option of weekly predictions where you’ll pay Ksh 550. The three companies use the till number 705909.

Maximum and minimum deposit

Betlion has no minimum deposit amount. You can deposit as low as you wish, while the maximum one can transact is Ksh 70,000.

Tax on Winnings

The truth about Betlion is that all winnings will be taxed, whether it is the goliath jackpot or the regular bets. Every winning is subject to a 20% tax. If you win a bonus on the jackpot worth Ksh 5 million, a tax of Ksh 1 million will have to be deducted.

Stake Amount for Goliath Jackpot

To place a bet on goliath jackpot, you have to stake Ksh 100. The company allows you to play as many times as you wish up to 300 times. To place the bet, your account must have more than Ksh 100.

Register with Betlion for the Goliath Jackpot

Players are enabled to register in two ways. You can either visit their Betlion website then register or SMS ‘Join’ to 40418. When registering via an SMS, the Safaricom balance is credited, but online registration is free.

Final Thoughts

Just a recap on the goliath jackpot, the stake amount is Ksh 100, the full jackpot amount to be won is Ksh 350 million comprising of 20 games. There are bonuses for 17,18 and 19 correct predictions. You can place the bet via the online platform or SMS.  

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