Companies Offering Attachment in Kenya

Industrial attachments are critical for the completion of any Kenyan degree course. Attachments serve a crucial purpose in career development and advancement, landing on one is as hard as getting a paid job. Well, not all companies pay employees who are on industrial attachments.

Getting an industrial attachment should be treated with urgency as they usually have expiration dates. You are typically given a timeline within which you should complete the attachments. Getting an attachment opportunity in Kenya is not a piece of cake, and if you do not know where to look, you will be left stranded, with the right information, it will not take you too long to find an opportunity.

Here is a list of companies that offer attachment opportunities in Kenya. 

1. Kenya Airways

Kenya Airways is among the big corporations in Kenya. Its agenda is to grow the Kenyan economy and that of the world by maintaining their workforce. The corporation is among the companies in Kenya with the most motivated employees and has good pay checks.

Kenya Airways is a customer service-oriented company, and to achieve this, the company ensures that they recruit high calibre candidates for different roles. The company takes pride in recruiting the best candidates and training them for the best service delivery.

As a big organization, Kenya Airways has several departments with various opportunities at your disposal. If you are a student looking for the ideal attachment opportunity, it is an excellent place to look. Visit their website and check for career opportunities in the various departments, which include accounts, public relations, human resources, and engineering.

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2. Total Kenya

This is one of the companies where anybody would consider themselves lucky if they found a post. The beauty of Total Kenya is that it is an equal opportunity employer, meaning that you stand a better chance of securing an opportunity in this organization.

Total Kenya understands the critical role that industrial attachments play in the completion of studies, and they are dedicated to nurturing talent. Total Kenya is not only focused on helping the creation and development of high calibre employees, in the Kenyan corporate space.

If you are expected to complete an attachment to satisfy the diploma or degree requirements for your institution, then Toyota Kenya is the best place . The various Total Kenya businesses available will give you all the experience you need to prosper in the business and corporate world. Those in the marketing, sales, procurement, information technology or the engineering field, then you can send their applications to this company.

3. Kenya Power and Lighting Company

One of the best places to look for attachment opportunities is in a renowned company like Kenya Power. It is suitable for your portfolio even after you complete your studies. On top of that, it is a company you would want to have a future with even after your attachment period is over. Well, this is if you do a great job and impress your employer: they will not have a problem with having you back if an employment opportunity presents itself.

Kenya Power offers continuing students on certificate, diploma, and degree level the perfect opportunity to experience the corporate world. An attachment opportunity at Kenya Power will allow you to apply the skills you have learned in class in the real world. Kenya Power is partnering with the government in the effort of pooling youth talent for the country's labor market. The company has multiple departments open for attachment opportunities, look up their website for available opportunities now.

4. Ermis Africa

Students pursuing courses that have anything to do with environmental management have a hard time looking for attachment opportunities. Luckily for you, you are here, and you will get information on other places you should be looking for. Ermis Africa is a regional NGO that engages in environmental conservation and management. The beauty of this company is that the attachment opportunities it offers are not limited to environmental management. You can get a slot in a wide range of disciplines starting from remote sensing, accounting, community development, and information technology, to mention a few. Stay on the lookout for available opportunities for your discipline and submit your applications.

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5. Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD)

If you are looking for a challenging attachment opportunity that will shape your career, this is one of the places you should be looking for. This is mainly a jackpot for students pursuing a career in media. There are several institutes which offer experience with the media industry, nevertheless the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development makes the ideal choice.


KEMRI is a renowned organization in Kenya tasked with doing human health research to improve the health and quality of life of humans. On top of ensuring that the country makes significant strides in the health sector, KEMRI plays a massive part in sharpening students’ skills to create careers in the health research sector.

Over the years, KEMRI has been helping students hone their knowledge and sharpen their skills to enhance their employability. KEMRI’s attachment programs run on a quarterly basis with recruitments taking place in January, April, July, and October.

If you are looking to secure attachment at KEMRI, you should be on the lookout for deadlines as they are strict on this.

Attachment programs play an essential role in showing students what the professional world expects from them. Several renowned institutions in Kenya offer attachment opportunities.

The list above is of the best companies in Kenya, which helps students polish their practical skills. Constantly check their career page to see if they have an attachment opportunity for you.

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