Tendering Process in Kenya: Kenya’s Tendering Absolute Guide

If you’re a Kenyan business person, you’re probably aware that Kenya’s tendering deals are what most businesses hunt day in and day out. Once you’ve acquired a supply of goods and product contracts, your business is promised to skyrocket above the shelves despite the country’s economic status. The question that hits most Kenya business people and entrepreneurs is how does the Tendering Process in Kenya operate? Ready? Let’s get started:

The Top things you should know about Kenya’s Tendering Process

Many Kenyan business operators have applied dozens of tenders without success. Many of them are left with the belief that those who are awarded those tenders are always related to the tender offering officials. Although this may be the case, it is not always true. So, what are the things you should know as a Kenyan business operator that can increase your chances of winning Kenyan tenders? Here’s what you should know and do:

  • Know all the Kenyan Types of Tenders and their Financing Methods

 The first thing you should do as a business person looking to acquire a tender in Kenya is to make sure you’ve absolute knowledge about all the types of tenders. This is to help you know and gauge the best tender that suits you in accordance to your business supply abilities and the tender demands. With that said, here are the major types of tenders in the Kenya Tendering Process regulations:

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  • Open Tenders

As the name suggests, this is the first and foremost Kenyan type of tender given by both the government and private sectors. Open tenders allow anyone willing to supply required goods and services to apply and provide opportunities to any organization to submit a tender. Here in Kenya and other countries, open tenders are mostly operating in the engineering and construction industries. The one significant advantage of open tenders is because it offers an excellent chance of competition between suppliers.

  • Selective Tenders

As you can see, selective tender means only selected individuals are eligible for the entire tendering process. This type of tender is where selected suppliers are allowed to apply and compete for their chances of securing work. Suppliers selected in a selective tender are those who are known and have a proven record of supplying goods and products that meet the tender’s financial demands and size.

The advantage of selective tenders in Kenya is that it gives its clients a more excellent feeling of satisfaction that their suppliers will meet their demands. The other thing to note about selective tenders is that they don’t allow new firms and new business operators who are fresh in the Kenyan market to apply as they’re mostly not invited for applications.

  • Negotiated Tenders

These types of tenders are also commonly open for specific industries such as the engineering and construction fields. Here’s why:

As you can imagine, construction and engineering personals work under rules and regulations where once you give them your needs and demands of your project, a contract is always signed from the time of commencing to the time of resolution dispute.

  • Staged tenders

When it comes to these types of tenders, there are two types- the single staged and two-staged tenders. Single–staged tenders happen when all the necessary and financial information to allow tender commencing are at hand. With single-stage tenders, an invitation is always given to prospective suppliers to apply. These tenders are also prepared and presented to suppliers to apply. Successful applicants are then invited for negotiations.

Now that you know all the types of tenders in Kenya, here are other things you should keep in mind about Kenya’s tendering process:

  • Get training to increase your chances of winning Kenyan Tenders

The best thing to do in Kenya to get a tender is knowing what you want first. Mostly, get tender experts’ knowledge and ideas from tender officials and institutions.Getting advice and training will equip you with informed decisions and the dos and don’ts you’ll encounter. If you’re wondering where you can get tender training in Kenya, start with centers like the Tender Hub of Kenya. This is an excellent tender institution that has been operating for many years.  It offers not only tender training and advice but also tender listings.

  • Know you desired tender’s financing method

Securing a tender isn’t all that you’ll want to know without knowing its financing method. Some tenders will require you to supply goods of a certain amount before you get your first pay. This can be harmful to your business if you accept a tender without checking the demands and regulations, yet you have a financial crisis. Knowing your tender’s financing method helps you plan and decide if it is the right time for your business to accept such an invitation based on your finances.

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How to apply for a tender in Kenya,

After knowing how Kenya’s tendering process works and the types of tenders you can secure, it is time to understand how you can apply and be eligible to obtain a tender in Kenya. Here’s everything you need to know about Kenya’s tendering process application:

  • Market your business or brand first

The first step to getting your business eligible to apply for Kenyan tenders is spreading its news as much as you can. Start by marketing to procuring institutions and let them know your services and products.

Marketing your business to procuring offices will open you doors to be among the first people to learn about open tenders. This way, you’ll be among the first businesses to send an application, which increases your chances of winning tenders.

  • Search and visit tender publication platforms

In Kenya, most tenders appear on individual websites dealing with tender publications and newsletters and magazines. Search and being a regular visitor to such sites and readings adds to your chances of winning tenders because you’ll be among the first individuals to learn about open tenders.

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