IT Companies in Kenya.

The technology industry is one of the fasted growing in Kenya. The fantastic part is that this sector is not about to stop growing even on the global level. The world has become so dependent on technology, and it has been incorporated in different industries and embraced in various business areas.

IT has become part and parcel of both personal and professional lives. Some of the IT services which are experiencing a growth in demand include software development, network administration, database administration, network architecture, network security, and so on. IT continues to play a critical role in the operations of any business and making it competitive.

Finding the right IT services provider will go a long way in ensuring that your IT infrastructures remain foolproof and function optimally. Here is a list of IT companies in Kenya that will keep your business thriving in the light of information technology.

1. Serianu

Serianu Limited is one of the most reliable IT companies in Kenya. The company understands the vital role that IT plays in today’s business world, and it is focused on providing the best services available. With the increasing concerns of cybersecurity, Serianu ensures that your network stays protected by helping you protect your business information. Serianu also offers a wide range of IT consultancy services in areas of technology advisory, data analytics information, and data security, among many other emerging technologies.

2. Lafont Innovation LLC

Lafont Innovation LLC is a team of developers focused on creating innovative IT concepts for execution by third parties. If you are looking for user interface design services, software development, mobile application development, and pen-testing, Lafont is one of the companies you should look for. Lafont does more than just offering IT services to clients but also plays a crucial role in facilitating the growth and spread of information technologies. Lafont does this by investing in startups in IT across the globe, helping them take their dream to the next level.

3. SimbaNET COM

SimbaNET is an IT company looking to keep Africa ahead in light of information technologies. The company offers full-range services in the area of IT. We are talking about internet connectivity in a field where the number of providers is limited. SimbaNET also provides data security services and cloud services, helping business transition and adjust to the dynamic IT world. SimbaNET is also a member of the renowned Wananchi Group, which is a licensed public data operator.

4. MTN Group Limited

MTN is a telecommunications company of South African origin, with footprints in most African countries, including Kenya. It is a reliable IT company that provides IT services, particularly in the area of mobile telecommunications. The list of services offered by MTN includes internet services, data services, roaming, and SIM services. The goal of MTN is to ensure that all the communication needs of individuals and businesses are met and stable.

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5. Hubtech

Hubtech is a reliable provider of enterprise IT services. The IT company boasts a great portfolio of clients in different sectors, including small businesses, players in the healthcare industry, the government, and the commercial sector. The main areas of focus when it comes to Hubtech IT services include managed IT services, information security, computing and mobility, and digital transformation.

What makes the IT company stand out in the crowd is its state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions. Hubtech team comprises of proficient and skilled experts, making it a leader in IT solutions.

6. EngSoftGroup.Com

EngSoftGroup provides both ICT and software solutions. Businesses are incorporating IT in their various departments, and EngSoftGroup is there to ensure that the solutions are incorporated effectively. Among the business software solutions that the company provides include human resource solutions, accounting solutions, security, and integrated IT solutions. The company serves clients in Kenya and across East Africa.

With the help of the company’s team of experts and professionals, EngSoftGroup helps businesses leverage IT for improved performance across different departments.

7. TechAccess solutions

Technology is becoming part of our daily lives. Recently, there has been an increase in demand for smart home technology, as most buyers prefer homes that have installed at least one smart technology. The rise in demand for this technology comes about thanks to the increasing benefits of smart home solutions.

TechAccess solutions are among the top companies in Kenya that you can reach out to for smart technologies for homes and business premises. TechAccess team works relentlessly to ensure that their clients enjoy the full benefits of smart technology, including convenience, comfort, and energy efficiency, among many other benefits. TechAccess solutions smart technologies are affordable and accessible, allowing people to improve their lifestyles and businesses to get a positive technological impact.

8. iDeveloper Technologies

iDeveloper Technologies is a leading provider of web design services and IT solutions in Kenya. While you focus on other meaningful and productive areas of business, you can outsource your IT functions to iDeveloper. Among the benefits, you are going to enjoy are cost savings and improved productivity. Our skilled and proficient team provides services ranging from network management, IT consultancy, and web development, to mention a few.

iDeveloper Technologies has attracted clients from vast sectors, including law, banking, accounting, retail, and many more. The IT services provider is able to serve all clients from different fields in Kenya.

9. Enovise

With the skyrocketing rate of cybercrime across the globe and in Kenya, there is a need for businesses and individuals to beef up the security of their devices and networks. For an effective cybersecurity strategy, there is a need to partner with a company with vast experience in the area.

Enovise is a renowned IT company specializing in cybersecurity, with experience in protecting government and company networks.

The business space in Kenya has changed, and operating without IT is merely possible. Businesses and individuals are working with IT companies in the country to make a technological transition to improve their operations. Above is a lit of IT companies that play a critical role in helping businesses incorporate technology in their systems and offer vast IT services.

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