10 celebrities known for gambling.

If you’re a gambling enthusiast, you’re probably always looking for inspiration from others.

What’s more, celebrities are loved for their powerful inspiration and impact in most people’s lives, and gamblers; nothing makes it better than knowing their celebrity gambling addicts.If you’ve been looking for gambling inspiration from famous people, you’re in the right place. This article has sifted through and distilled for you renowned celebrity gambling addicts you can get inspiration from.

1. Hugh Hefner

If you’re an enthusiastic and avid reader, you must have heard about the famous American Magazine man, Hugh Hefner- Founder and editor of the famous Playboy magazine in America.

Despite his love for magazines, Hugh Hefner played dozens of gambling games and is known to have played not only for money but also gambled for undressing competitions. Even better, Hugh Hefner loved gambling so much that he started one of the world-renowned casinos in London in the 60s.

According to news, many gamblers enjoyed Hugh Hefner’s gambling skills and versatility when playing with other celebrities such as Woody Allen, the famous Beatles, and Rudolf Nuriev.

2.Brad Pitt

For film fans and lovers of great actors, you already know Brad Pitt as one among the most gifted actors and producers the world has seen for years. Despite his fame in films, Brad comes second in our list of celebrity gambling addicts.

In his famous movie-Ocean’s 11, Brand is madly in love with several gambling games that allowed him to play slot machines and card gambling games between his filming occasions. If we read between the lines, Brad Pitt genuinely proved to love gambling so much that he had it infused in his movies.

3.Charles Barkley

Coming third in our list is this famous American Basketball player- Charles Barkley. He’s one hell of a celebrity highly addicted to gambling despite the significant losses he has made gambling. Charles Barkley is a real-deal gambling celebrity inspiration because of his involvement in the Las Vegas Gambling establishments.

According to Charles, losing money in gambling doesn’t hurt him, but missing games does. On one of his gambling occasions, Barkley lost over ten million dollars, but his gambling enthusiasm stayed true, and he kept gambling even more.

4.Gladys Knight

Well, for enthusiastic female gamblers, Gladys Knight is your first- to-go gambling celebrity for inspiration. Occasionally, the famous singer is spotted gambling in Atlantic and Las Vegas. Because of her love of the game and her luck, Gladys is among celebrities addicted to gambling that has recorded great winning.

 In one of her night plays, she won sixty thousand dollars on Blackjack, which she is said to have burned the money, and immediately after that, she played baccarat and won another forty-five thousand dollars the same night.

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5.Jennifer Tilly

Jennifer Tilly isn’t just a tremendously successful American actress but also a household name for gambling.  She’s known as an excellent semi-professional poker player who started playing as a hobby.

Jennifer’s gambling life took a turn when she won the gold bracelet in 2005 from the World Series of porker. The same year, she won the first place in the Ladies’ No-Limit Texas gambling tournament sponsored by the world-famous gambling giant- Holdem competition.

6. Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is a renowned Hollywood celebrity known for his superb acting and screenwriting skills. Well, when it comes to celebrity gambling addicts, Ben Affleck comes sixth in our list.¬† This famous handsome man came to light as a professional gambler in 2001 when he won over eight hundred thousand dollars on Blackjack. Moreover, Ben’s gambling enthusiasm didn’t stop there. In 2004, he played in the California porker competition and won a whopping three hundred and fifty-six thousand dollars.

 He is known among the genuinely gambling celebrity addicts who have played with other reputable gambling professionals like Chuck Pacheco, Stan Goldstein, and Toby Maguire- another celebrity gambling addict.

7. Tobey Maguire

It wouldn’t be fair mentioning celebrity gambling addicts without mentioning Toby Maguire. Toby is a household name when it comes to celebrities that came to stardom from a single movie- his game skyrocketed when he appeared in the famous spider man movie.¬†Speaking of his love for gambling, Tobey lost to Ben Affleck in 2004 but again played in Omaha and Texas Hold’em the same year.

In the fall of 2004, Maguire’s gambling took a positive turn when he became the winner of the prestigious Hollywood Park Casino competition.  Again in 2011, Tobey won over three hundred thousand dollars from the world-famous investor Brad Ruderman.

8. Dana White

This famous businessman and president of the most respected fighting championship in the world- Dana White, is also very prominent for his gambling addiction.

According to celebrity news, Dana white is a highly respected gambling celebrity who has recorded dozens of winnings from his magical skills. On one of his night’s plays, Dana walked away with over five million dollars from a single game in Blackjack.

White’s gambling fame took the world by surprise when he won so much money that he started placing a single bet of over fifty thousand dollars per hand, leading to many casino officials dismissing him from their playing grounds and warning others of risking their cash playing against this gambling giant!

9. Tiger Woods

Besides being the most celebrated and probably the most magnificent golf player in the world records of top golf players, Tiger Woods is another reputable name for celebrity gambling addicts.

On one occasion, Tiger Woods appeared on most headlines when his mistress confirmed Tiger bets with over twenty-five thousand dollars per hand every time he plays Blackjack.

 As if that isn’t enough, Woods is also known as a high roller player who received a one million dollar betting limit from the MGM Grand gambling competition in Las Vegas. During this world-rated gambling championship, Tiger made a famous gambling wish when he asked the table to be filled with beautiful ladies saying it makes him play pleasurably.

Tiger’s gambling addiction became public when people started seeing him with Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley, who were already listed as celebrity gambling addicts.

10 Michael Jordan

Michael is possibly the best basketball player celebrity in the world, but that hasn’t stopped him from finding time for gambling.Jordan’s gambling addiction become public when he admitted to having lost about one hundred and sixty-five thousand dollars in Atlantic City.

Michael is also known as an avid gambling poker celebrity. He is known to gamble while playing golf with other stars such as Charles Barkley and Tiger Woods. At one time, Jordan lost about one million dollars while playing gambling golf against Richard Esquinas- a celebrity businessman from San Diego.

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