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Lucky2U Sports bet is one if the oldest betting sites in the country. It resumed its operations in the country way back in 2010 and has been operational till date. It us hailed for its pros and shunned for it’s cons as well. 

Lucky2u Sportsbet at a glance

Features – 4/10

User Experience – 5/10

Ease of Use – 4/10

Offers – 4/10

Summary Lucky2u

Lucky2u is less popular among Kenyans being to the fact that it has been outdone by it’s competition on so many sectors. One complaint you will hear a lot is the fact that it’s online platform is grossly unpleasing such that it is way better to try their physical shops instead.



In-depth Review

The company offers a list of good features that are pleasing to customers. Too of this list is the fact that they avail local matches on their betting site. This means that you are able to bet on your favourite local team and watch it as it takes place. Also, they offer live matches and allow you to obtain analysis information on multiple teams. Their analysis feature appeals to the hearts of many since it does away the hassle of having to go to another website to get analysis information.  Punters also have a wide variety of teams to choose from including football, baseball, golf, basketball, American football, hockey, tennis, table tennis, badminton, volleyball, motor sports and many other. Live betting is a popular betting option among kentan punters. It is a widely preferred option owing to the fact that one is able to watch and make more accurate predictions based on how the match progresses.



The company is famous for plenty of good reasons including live betting and offering local matches. Not everything about this betting site is good. With regards to marketing, this company still had a long way to go. The fact that it is one if the oldest betting sites in the country and many people still don’t know about it means that its marketing efforts are grissly ineffective. Also, there have been a number of complaints about its website. There has been a silent outcry from their members that their betting website ought to be improved to the level of it’s competitors. 

The company also is lacking in availing cash out options to it’s clients. Punters, regardless of whether they have live bets or regular running bets, prefer a cashout option that allows them to remove their money when they feel the remaining matches have a low winning probability.


This is the only platform with this unique method of registration. Here, members have to either go to offices belonging to Lucky2u in order to register or they can do the registration via phone call. Bu simply calling 0700 111118, you will be able to share your registration information and have your account set up and ready to resume operations.

Sporting events to bet on include;



American football


Ice hockey




Table tennis

American baseball


Motor sport,








Martial arts



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