Top Betting Sites with Bonuses and Free Bets in Kenya

Over the years, the number of bettors has been increasing. This increase has attracted the number of betting sites or bookies available. Multiple bookies are established and it is deeming fitting that you examine all hoping to identify the best. Below, you will get info about the top betting sites with bonuses and free bets in Kenya.


Jengacash Spin the Wheel game offers Kshs. 15 upon registration. In addition, they reward you if you get other people to sign up on their website. Once your referrals top up their balance, you’ll get 20% of their first deposit. There is no limit to the amount of credit you can earn through referrals. They also offer free bonuses in the course of playing.

Betika Kenya

There is nothing quite enticing than commencing your betting experience with style. Betika Kenya has been in establishment for years and they offer multiple bonuses and free bets. Upon registering as a new client, Betika will sign you up for a registration bonus. The registration or sign up bonus that you receive totals to Ksh.25.

Another bonus that you need to note is the multibet bonus. This is where you place a bet combining more than seven games and lose with one or two games. Well, it is not always that you get to win and the multibet bonus makes it possible for you to receive your stake amount back. The bonus is always up to 50 times your original stake. The multibet bonus will never be applicable if you decide to play Sababisha, Betika Virtual, Shikisha, Jackpot and lucky 6 bets.

Jackpot betting is a great way to amass magnificent returns with a low stake value. There are instances when you are unable to get all the games on the jackpot table and Betika makes sure to give you some bonus if you get 10 or 11 games correct. This is a huge push since you will have some money back for the time you took to analyze the games and to place the bet.

Betway Kenya

For years, Betway has made it possible for bettors to record significant firsthand experiences. The odds are tremendously good and so are the bonuses. After the registration, you are entitled to a welcome bonus. This bonus entitles you to 50% return of your initial deposits up to Ksh.5,000. Apart from the signup bonus, this bookie makes it possible for you to get a bonus whenever you download their app. This is a promotional bonus which will automatically give you a chance to place a bet and make some winnings.

Multibets are profitable but at times, very risky since you can never tell which game will bring down your bet. Nevertheless, Betway acknowledges your efforts into combining the multibet hence offering you a multibet bonus. This is a 135% bonus boost for every multibet that you place.

Whenever you introduce your friends, colleagues at work and loved ones to Betway, you get to enjoy some referral bonus. The referral bonus amasses to 20% commission of what the friend or referred person bets in each and every month. When you are diligent and determined, you could always refer people and encourage them to become consistent bettors and receive your commission at the end of the month. The other bonus that you need to master is the jackpot bonus. The bookie has a jackpot of 11 games. It is not always that you predict correctly. Nonetheless, if your prediction gets you 9 to 10 correct predictions, you are assured of getting some good bonus your way.

Sportybet Kenya

The idea of starting your betting experience with  bang must dominate your throughts from the word go. Like Betika and Betway, Sportybet offers you a registration bonusof up to Ksh.1,000 when you place your first deposit of Ksh.50. This bonus is referred to Sportybet karibu bonus. The policies governing the bonus dictates that you deposit anything between Ksh.50 to Ksh.300; the higher the deposit, the higher the bonus. There is therefore need for you to consider making a deep first deposit into your account to attract a better bonus.

Apart from the karibu bonus, you are entitled to receive a bonus of Ksh.50 immediately you download and install their app in your phone. When it comes to depositing money into your account, your service provider is required to charge you. Nevertheless, Sportybet makes this impossible by offering you deposit charge bonuses. The deposits are free and you will always end up having the deposit charge for your bet stakes.

Responsible betting entails identifying betting sites with tremendous bonuses and manifold free bets. Whenever you receive the bonuses, you can always determine to stake higher and maximize your return which is a plus. The above bookies are just a few that you need to consider in the Kenyan market.

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