Betting Sites in Kenya with Cash-Out Options

The idea of a multibet reigns among majority of bettors following the increased payouts they offer. Well, the outcome is very promising but there are instance when a game puts you at risk. Cash out makes it possible for you to acquire an early partial payout on all your bets. This payout occurs before the entire multibet is settled. There are bookies in Kenya who gives bettors that golden chance to acquire cash outs and these bookies are jotted in this article.

Facts to note about cash outs

For many people, cash out becomes a possibility when they have settled for a multibet. Nonetheless, there are instances when one can manage to acquire cash out offer with a single bet. For example, where you have a match with team A having an odd of 29.45 and team B having an odd of 1.12 and you choose team A, you have a chance. The chance will only pop up when Team A takes the lead and scores a goal ahead.

Well, let’s assume you placed a bet of Ksh.1,000 and have a potential return of Ksh.29,450 if Team A wins the game. When the team scores the first goal, your prediction becomes a valid possibility. The bookie might avail cash out offer of Ksh.15,000. It is you to decide whether you will take the offer or you will wait until the game is over.

There are other instances when Team B scores first which lowers your chances for winning. You might receive cash out chance but for a lesser amount than your stake money. It is your decision whether you will take the cash out or you will remain confident for a better outcome.

For the multi bets, you need to have a selection of games and bet them together. The games will have their differing starting time. Where you have selected ten games and seven games have already matched your prediction, you will receive cash out offer that is great. You are to decide whether you will cash out before the other three games commences or you will wait. At times, you might not have cash out offer when the remaining games start not unless it’s half-time.

There comes a time when you place a certain bet but before it starts, you experience a change of heart. You can always cash out before the game begins. However, it is impossible for you to cash out the entire stake amount. Therefore, you will get some of your stake money back instead of losing everything.

Upon accepting cash out, the bookie closes and settles your bet entirely. Therefore, the anticipated outcome will never affect what you get to pocket. Whether the remaining games win or lose, there is no turning back.

Top betting sites with cash out offers

Generally, it is through cash outs that you lower or dispense the risk of losing your stake money to a certain bet. Therefore, ensure to consider these bookies.


Betway gives bettors the chance to govern their bets and take control. As a matter of facts, cash out offers gives you a chance to control the fate of your bet even before all the games are settled. Whether you are using your smartphone app or online platform, Betway cash out process is easy and instant. All you need to do is keep monitoring unsettled bets and examine whether the cash out option is available or displayed.

There are instances when Betway allows its customers to acquire partial cash out. Partial cash out enables you acquire some proportion of the cash out offer and keep the remainder as your stake amount for the bet. The proportion remaining behind will be settled immediately after all the matches are over and as per your predictions.

There is no discrepancy with what customer is entitled to cash out offers and which one is not eligible. All customers are eligible for the offer.

The process of cashing out your bet offers is simple. All you need is log into your Betway account and access your bets. Therefore, ensure to click on the ‘My Bets’ icon and then examine the bets with an eligible cash out offer. You are expected to examine the bests and determine the ones that you need to cash out. Once you have identified these bets, endeavor to click the ‘Cash Out’ icon available.

Betway has predefined policies that govern cash outs. You need to understand that it is not always when you will qualify for a cash out offer. Therefore, ensure to examine those rules and terms that govern these cash outs and understand them fully.


BetYetu is somewhat limited when it comes to cash outs as they focus on multi bets. Therefore, where you have had a set of multiple games in one bet, you can always monitor the progress. As a result, you will manage to either lock winnings or eliminate unwanted losses. Their cash out offers are not as appetizing as what Betway offers but they are worthwhile.

Unlike Betway where you can cash out bets placed with bonuses and free bets, Betyetu doesn’t offer this chance. Therefore, you can only cash out bets placed with your stake money. The process is simple and sure. All you need select ‘My account’ on the dashboard and look for the ‘Cash Out’ option. The option will help display bets eligible and by clicking them, you will have the money in your wallet.


When it comes to 1XBET, their cash out offers experience a lot of inconsistencies. It is not always that your bets attract cash out. However, due to their high odds, their cash out offers are impressive. Therefore, you could hit two birds with a single stone; high odds and impressive cash out offer.

As a bettor, it deems fit that you dispense the notion of recording losses all through. Monitoring your bets regularly enables you identify all the cash out offers and opportunities available. The opportunities help protect your investments and money which is overly profitable.


Even though Betika doesn’t have cash out feature, it allows bettor to cancel a bet. A bet, whether a single bet or a multi bet that has been predicted wrongly can be cancelled. The cancellation will allow you to have your stake amount and avoid incurring losses. A cancellation is possible within fifteen minutes after placement and where all the games are yet to start.

22Bet Kenya

You can never guarantee thoroughness when placing a multi bet. There are instances when you place a multi bet only to realize that some of the games were predicted wrongly. Those wrongly predicted games are prone to mess up the entire bet slip. In order for you to avoid encountering immense losses, you will have to cancel the bet.

22Bet Kenya understands this fact hence avails cash out feature. The feature enables you withdraw your stake amount or part of your stake before the matches commence. The amount that you cash out will always be deposited in your 22Bet wallet.

SportyBet Kenya

The handwork of your analysis on the available games is rewarded by SportyBet through cash out offers. Nevertheless, there are terms and policies governing the cash outs. Understanding the policies or these rules helps you understand what to expect and how to go about the process.

First and foremost, SportyBet requires your bet to have a stake amount of a hundred shillings and above. Therefore, bets staked with less than KES 100 will never attract cash out offers. Additionally, free bets and bonus-staked bets doesn’t avail cash out feature.

It is within the discretion of SportyBet to determine the games not eligible for cash out offers. There is therefore no guarantee that your bet will have cash out stand. Even if your bet was eligible for cash out, SportyBet could decide to make it unavailable without communicating in advance or availing explanations.

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