Top Betting and Gambling Tips for Kenyans

Betting has become an instrumental way for generating income for many people today. All it takes is for a bettor to identify a bookie and have the stake money. Nonetheless, it takes more than having the best Kenya betting site with the best odds to make returns. Thoroughness in research is necessitated as you need to get facts right. There are so many betting strategies, possibilities and odds that you ought to settle for and consider. However, newbie bettors tend to lack extensive discipline when it comes to betting and end up losing more even when dealing with Kenya betting sites with the best odds. Below are strategies or guidelines that when embraced will help maximize your returns.

Not all games are right for betting

New bettors have the tendency of not differentiating between simple to bet on handle games and the complex ones. There are games that necessitate more than expertise when it comes to offering predictions and defining the outcome. Therefore, you will benefit more when you understand that not all games on the dashboard are for you to pick and predict on. There are instances when you need to observe certain home teams as well as away teams. Securing your stake money and maximizing on your returns becomes a possibility when you employ keenness and exercise due diligence.

Know your teams and games

There are so many tournaments and leagues from all over the world and you need to define the teams and the leagues that excite you. Every person who is in this industry makes sure to have a favorite team and a favorite league that they follow closely and keenly. In the spirit of efficiency, you are expected to do some extensive homework about the teams and their recent matches. The research will always enable you garner facts about the past performances, mistakes, strongholds and weaknesses of a team or even a player.

Possibilities and odds

When a certain match is available for betting, there are odds that need to be observed. Different companies will always have differing odds and it deems fit that you abhor subscribing for only one betting site. Therefore, ensure to examine all the available bookies and determine the odds available with each. For instance, Betway might have better odds than Betika when it comes to a given match. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that Betway will always have better odds. Therefore, endeavor to take your time to examine all the betting sites and understand the odds available with each. For the possibilities, endeavor to settle for the ones you are sure with. For instance, you could determine whether both teams will be scoring or only one will. Alternatively, you could settle for a double chance bet which makes your bet safe. Always capitalize on that possibility over shining the other possible outcomes.

Maximize your returns

A single match has so many possible outcomes and these outcomes attract different odds. There are outcomes with higher and better odds and others have lower odds. Well, the lower the odds, the higher the possibility. Nevertheless, you need to combine different possibilities as a way of maximizing your returns. For example, you could be predicting both teams to score and at the same predicting a home win. Well, you could combine the two possibilities which help you maximize your returns extensively.

Protecting your stake amount

Every bet that you place demands stake amount. As a determined to win bettor, you need to always keep your stake amount safe by betting responsibly. Therefore, ensure to avoid taking unwanted risks. The moment you settle for high odds, you get to maximize your potential return but at the same time, risk your stake amount. It deems fit that you examine a match thoroughly and determine that odd that is not only sure but overly possible. There are online predictions and bettor reviews that you need to examine before making your decision.


When it comes to responsible betting, it deems fit that you strategize hence maximizing your winning chances. There are so many betting options available and you need to identify the one that works for you best. For instance, you could settle for a double chance strategy or for an over and under strategy; whichever the strategy, endeavor to recruit thoroughness. When thorough, you tend to get your statistics right and eventually placing a possible match outcome. Master your strategy fully and always make it your number one priority.

Investing all your focus and energy in one betting site is overly dangerous. In fact, you need to always countercheck the odds available with all the top betting sites in Kenya before placing any bet. At times, you will find a bookie with better odds which means higher potential returns. The encounter will therefore become profitable for you.

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