Cisco Kenya: Everything You Should Know

Cisco Kenya is a tremendously successful brand that develops, sells, manufactures, and networks software, hardware, and telecommunication goods that gives you all the high-technology services and products you’ve always wanted.

In simple put, Cisco is a renowned worldwide company that pioneered the idea of LAN {Local area network}, which is being used around the globe to connect local area different computers and laptops over a routing system.

Even better, if you’re a Kenyan who loves to become a technology expert but don’t know where to start, Cisco Kenya is everything that you need. Here’s why:

Cisco Kenya has opened dozens of branches around universities and colleges as well as online platforms where you can get access to all Information Technology skills to help you know how you can successfully design, manage and build networks.

The good news is, once you register with the company, learning will be smooth and easy since Cisco has employed the best yet experienced and versatile online tutors that have been in the IT industry for decades!

Cisco Kenya’s slogan is simple: delivering the necessary training that aims to improve not only career and educational opportunities but also targets the jobless youths and professionals who are looking to join them to either advance their world of computers or become computer experts genuinely.

What’s more? As stated earlier, Cisco Kenya is all about making work easier without comprising on quality. That said, learning IT through Cisco Kenya services is made easier. Here’s what actually happens with Cisco Kenya’s learning:

  • Much of IT Cisco Kenya’s learning materials are delivered directly to your desktop via the Internet. Their program named Netcad is developed to use the latest and most convenient computer-based learning and teaching, letting you work at your own pace, anytime and anywhere around the globe.
  • Netcad is also tremendously always updated with new products and equipment where students access their learning devices at their convenience.
  • Lastly, Netcad enables all students to pursue any number of their desires IT skills, which comes with approved and genuine certification on completion. Depending on your ability to learn, you could earn yourself a Cisco Kenya certificate ranging from CCNP, A+, N+, and CCNA.

Here’s a breakdown of all the certifications to help you select what you want based on your IT enthusiasm and ability to grab knowledge and concepts:

  • A+ certification {the CompTIA A+}

If you’re genuinely interested in learning IT skills and becoming a renowned professional and expert, this is the certification that suits you.

The A+ Cisco Kenya certification is specially developed for professionals looking to become computer problem solvers. It is targeted to teach you immense knowledge in the world’s most complicated IT and technology issues, such as data management, security, and cloud computing. The truth about this course is simple: It aims at launching IT careers in all corners of the digital world we’re living in.

A+ Certification is also based on performance-based items that give its students a chance to feel and prove their pro IT skills that they can use to think on themselves and perform or solve critical IT problems anywhere and anytime. Having this certificate only means, you’ve become a world-class computer expert, how does that sound?

The other two magnificent benefits for having Cisco Kenya’s A+ certificate are:

  • You’ll be able to be hired by trusted and genuine employers around the globe to help them identify their technical IT issues and become their to-go computer expert.
  • You’ll be eligible to join different forums and platforms where you’ll meet and share IT ideas with old professionals where you’ll also re-invent IT content and concepts that aim at validating the core skills and abilities demanded in the IT market.

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Skills to expect when learning under Cisco Kenya’s A+ certification

  • Excellent computer security skills
  • Configure computer operating systems that include Mac, Windows, Chrome OS, Android, iOS, Linus, and learning how to administer clients-based clouding SaaS software.
  • Learn and become an expert in troubleshooting and solve highly complicated data management and scripting.
  • Become an IT infrastructure and networking expert
  • Support, develop, and configure Mobile, PC, and IoT hardware.
  • Learn and practice data backup, recovery, storage, and management in any computer device around the world.

Jobs to expect with Cisco Kenya’s A+ Certificate

Once you’ve gained an A+ certificate, you’ll be ready to get into the world of jobs, whether local or international online working. These job titles are what will be waiting for you:

  • Desk technician
  • Desk computer analyst
  • Field service computer expert
  • Associate networking engineer
  • Data support manager and administrator
  • System specialist
  • End-user computing expert

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CCNA Cisco Kenya Certification

This is Cisco Kenya’s semi-professional IT skills certificate that also puts you on the world’s eye among computer experts quickly hired by companies and individuals.

CCNA, which stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate, is an informational certificate that can get you jobs such as:

  • Low level-cyber security expert
  • Low-level security and data management
  • Semi-professional computer client-based clouding and software expert

Cisco Kenya’s CCNP certificate

CCNP is Cisco Kenya’s other trusted certification that stands for Cisco Certified Network Professional, with this course; you’ll be most people’s to-go networking expert.

The certificate will offer you all the skills the world needs that aim at computing, routing, switching, and planning computer troubleshooting problems. Secondly, you’ll be an expert in voice computing, wireless connectivity expert as well as a Video computing problem solver.

What salary ranges should you expect once you have Cisco Kenya’s IT skills?

Because most people don’t just want to learn something without knowing the good it brings to their lives, this section of this article is all about the salary ranges you should expect from employers once you have a certificate from Cisco Kenya. Let’s take a look:

  • Networking and administration experts- Ksh 40,000- Ksh 920,000
  • Routing and Troubleshooting expert- Ksh 40,000
  • IT manager- Ksh 130,000- Ksh 5 million
  • LAN administrator- Ksh 0- Ksh 750,000
  • Networking and IT engineer- Ksh 0- Ksh 1,080,000

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