Jenga Cash Spin and Win: How It Works

Jenga cash is the new cash cow in town. It’s a type of roulette game that involves sipinning the wheel and winning.


The roulette game is gaining traction in Kenya at an alarming speed. Jengacash spin and win is one of the popular roulette games that is getting the undivided attention of most Kenyans. The reason behind its popularity is simply to make quick money via the online platform.

The game involves spinning the little wheel, aka roulette and winning. If luck is on your side, it is as simple as 123. All that is required is to choose a stake and spin the wheel to try your luck. The jengacash spin the wheel game gives the participants an offer of kshs. 20 once they have registered. You also get 20% of the first deposit of any wagerer that you recruit. Other benefits include free bonuses in the course of playing the game.

There is a minimum stake of ksh. 20, that is mandatory. You are free to deposit any amount you deem fit and are willing to gamble. The spinning platform has a wheel divided into 12 sections, with a pointer in the middle to determine your landing position. Each spin costs a minimum of Ksh. 20. The wheel has multipliers that boost your bet by multiplying your stake depending on where the pointer lands.

Even though the game is known as the numbers game, it is not rocket science and does not require intense mathematical background when calculating your expected outcome. You only require multiplying the amount of money you have placed as your bet with the multiplier value. If you don’t land in a multiplier section, but instead, you land in a bonus section, you get a bonus that is equal to or higher than the stake you placed.

How to register on Jengacash

The game does not require any experience to play since beginners have equal chances of winning as veterans. Registration is the first step towards spinning and winning with jengacash. Register using the official web page of jengacash. Create an account by filling in your mobile phone number and desired password.

Similar to ordinary online spin and win games, a participant must be an adult with an Mpesa account. This means that they should be 18 years of age. An individual’s registration is not transferable, and you are entitled to a single account. Make sure that you register with accurate and authentic information, to avoid complications in accessing your cash in the event you win. Jengacash spin and win registration steps are simple and straight forward, as demonstrated below:

  1. Register and enter the activation code for you to get a bonus.
  2. Make your deposit via Mpesa.
  3. Choose your stake and click the spin button.
  4. Withdraw your winnings or stake again
  5. Share to get a bonus.

How to download the Jengacash app

The jengacash app is not yet available for download

How to deposit money on Jengacash

For you to participate in the Jengacash spin and win, you have to deposit funds to your account. The following steps can guide you to deposit money so that you can play the game:

  1. Log in using your successful registration details.
  2. Click on the deposit button.
  3. Enter your desired amount in the popup that appears.
  4. A request is sent to the registered phone number where you can input your pin to complete the transaction.

The other more straightforward step of depositing funds to your jengacash account is by depositing to Paybill no: 329534, Account: JengaCash.

How to play jengacash

Playing jengacash is not only an income-generating activity, but it is also a fun way to pass the time. The game is straightforward and can be played with individuals of different genre. All you need is to deposit an amount to your account. Then you choose a stake you are comfortable with and click the spin the wheel button to try your luck.

Once you make the spin, you need to cross your fingers and wait for lady luck to knock on your door. Depending on how lucky you are, you can win twice, thrice of even 1000 times of what you have placed. It is because your win is based on the multiplier that the pointer lands on.

How to withdraw from Jengacash

Once luck is on your side, and you have to withdraw the funds you have won, you need not worry since the process is simple. You only need to click on withdraw and enter the amount you want to cash in, and it is sent to your Mpesa account. From there, you only need to visit your nearest Mpesa agent or transfer the money to your desired number or account.

Jengacash contacts

Whether you are a newbie or a guru in playing spin and win games, it is critical to have a reliable and friendly customer service team to assist you from time to time. Jengacash provides its customers with the best customer service delivery. For queries and more information on the jengacash spin the wheel game, get in touch through the following contacts:

Mobile number: 0782145121

Email: [email protected]

Jengacash is one of the cyberspaces that many use to offload their stresses while having fun. It is essential to make calculated bets that do not affect your finances. Ensure that you do not get overwhelmed with the game and always have your head straight to make sober decisions.Take your time to learn and understand the game so that you can make calculated choices that may benefit you in the long run. Jengacash may be a luck-game, but with a lot of practice, you get better in the game. You get to understand it more and know how to go about making the best spins. During the days that luck may not be favouring you, don’t be greedy and instead, know when to quit or take a small break. Finally, make sure that you enrol in certified online casinos that can guarantee the safety of your personal information and money. Don’t be left out as others are making easy money online and enjoying every second of the jengacsh spin

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