Popular Spin and Win Games in Kenya

Kenyans have come from far in the gambling industry- from the days when it was illegal to hold any betting competition, to these days when the BCLB has registered dozens of betting companies. In fact, gambling is one of the most successful industries in the Kenyan economy and there is a reason.

The majority of Kenyans wants to try their luck, but don’t know how a platform that allows them to win money. While the many betting platforms insist on predicting sport match outcomes, a few give you the opportunity to make it big with no special skills. All you need to do is log onto popular spin and win games in Kenya and let your luck determine what you win. Here are some of those platforms! 

Jenga Cash Spin and Win

This is a roulette game that has attracted plenty of customers in Kenya. It has for the longest time been praised for its simple to use platform and ease of setting up account. This game features a wheel which is sub-divided into 9 segments. The wheel features a pointer which points at a segment on the wheel which determines whether the participant wins or loses. The minimum stake required to place a stake is quite affordable and this makes it easier for anyone to create an account and start winning. Just the other day, one player walked away with Kshs. 250,000 in winnings!

Test your fortune on Jengacash signing up for an account. You’ll only need to fill in your mobile number and password and click the Sign Up button. You will receive a registration code on your phone to verify your account.

You are now ready to start making money- log into Jengacash.com using your phone number and password.

After you have logged into the website you need to deposit your take using Paybill business number 329534 and enter Jenga cash as your account name. Enter the amount you want to play with and hit send.

 Playing is simple because it follows the basic concept of a spin and wheel game.

First, you need to choose the amount of money you wish to play with. For instance, you can choose sh.100.

Then click to spin the wheel that will propel you to your luck. You need to understand that the wheel has got different calibrations that indicate the number of times your money can be multiplied. The multiplier value can be anything from 0 to 1000. Also, you can get a bonus or a free spin.

After winning, tap on your withdraw option and confirm the withdrawal request. You’ll receive the money via Mpesa.

You can also earn money on JengaCash by referring your friends to the platform and you will get 20% of their first deposit. Then, everyone you refer gets 20 shillings free in credit or one free spin Would you wish to start playing spin and win games today? Head to Jengacash now!


As spin and win games continue to become popular in Kenya, Pesawheel has cemented itself as one of the most famous platforms. The majority of online gamblers prefer this company for providing quick ways of making money.

Registered under BCLB license PL0000010, Pesawheel allows players to spin the wheel and the pointer decides how much money they get.

The color has values that multiply the stake. You can win a free spin, or you can get your money multiplied by x0, x1, x2, x3, x5, and x10. If you hit the red segment marked 50k, you have just won Ksh 50,000!

Registering for Pesawheel is just a click away. But you must meet the criteria – you’ll only be verified if you are of major age.

After you have register for an account and verified it, the next step will be depositing money to the website via paybill number 290033. You just need to visit Pesawheel.com and then you will click on Deposit button after which you will enter your phone number followed by Submit. There will be an instant deposit made via an SMS that will be sent to the phone number that you have provided.

You may decide to play on the website or through the mobile application.

Pesawheel winners are normally announced directly on the site. The gaming platform has an active customer care and you can reach them on phone or email.

Betika Spin and Win

The Betika betting company is widely known for its sports gambling platform. But, they also have spin and win games which provide wheels of fortune. Each color has a unique value. You rotate and all you need to do is watch as the system randomly decides on the color. If the indicator stops at the colour that you staked, your money gets multiplied by the number indicated on the color.

 First, you need to register on the Betika website to spin the wheel. You can also download the mobile application for an easy way to play. All you need is your phone number and password. Hit register and enter the code you receive on your SMS. Once you confirm the code, your profile is active and you can start your path to fortune.

So, you will need to mount money on your account using Mpesa. When your account is ready, you are ready to play.

The next step is learning how to play. Head to the European roulette section where you will find the spin games. Here, understand the value that your chips carry and what every color represents. The stake will be at the top of the colors. So, after you have confirmed this then you can go ahead and press on the spin button and this will make the will to rotate.

Look at the indicator and where the wheel stops because that color will bear the multiplication value. You shall win depending on the value with which your stake is multiplied. This could be x10, x20, x40 or any other value.

You will receive your money immediately you win the game, as long as you request for a withdrawal. Undo option removes the last bet you placed whole Clear Bets removes all the bets.

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